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How are your small business finances looking? Keeping your finances in great shape and planning for a secure financial future are two of the biggest challenges facing small businesses today. Getting your finances in good order is important for your small business growth. So if you want to accelerate your growth and give your finances some help, what can you do? Here are four areas to start with: Keep Records Keeping records is one of
Receiving results from inbound marketing is the goal of almost any small business, but is often difficult to achieve. It’s much more cost effective and beneficial to have customers or clients coming to you instead of your marketing team going in search of them. However, many small business owners and managers don’t know how to establish an effective inbound marketing approach. Know What’s Current Just because something was popular when you started your small business,
Are your employees eating well? The answer to that question could have a direct bearing on your small business success. Sound too simple to be true? The fact is that promoting healthy eating means promoting a healthier lifestyle. That in turn means more energetic and alert employees who are healthier, happier and more productive. Here are some compelling reasons to encourage healthy eating, and some ways you can do just that…. Healthy Employees Are More
Daryl Urbanski joins me on this segment to talk about the world of marketing through his eyes. So many themes and insights here as Daryl shares his experience. His company provides a full spectrum of “direct marketing”. It’s all about the method of TRACKING which grew from the tradition of direct mail, snail style. He says, [paraphrased here]  “while online is  most efficient place to collect information , it tends to be the least effective place, due to the noise
Running a small business takes some creativity. It takes marketing savvy, too, and when you combine the two, you can come up with some great marketing strategies that are extremely beneficial to you and your company. Mobile marketing is big now, and most businesses have some sort of SMS they are promoting. To add contests and sweepstakes in with this is a smart move you won’t regret. As the following article looks at, here are