Aaron Muller: The Lifestyle Business Owner

SBB 676 | Lifestyle Business Owner

  We all fear that our business is not going to be able to run as well without us there. International bestselling author Aaron Muller says we have to address that fear. Once you get through that and know that it’s good without you there and maybe even better, then you got to make sure that you have the right manager in place. Going along with that manager is having the right systems there so …

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Ken McElroy: The Art of Entrepreneurship

Listen to the podcast here: Ken McElroy has experienced massive success in the real estate world–from investment analysis and property management to acquisitions and property development. With over $700 million investment dollars in real estate, Ken offers a unique perspective on how to get the biggest return on investments. Ken is the Real Estate Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki of the Rich Dad Company and is the author of several books, including the The ABC’s of …

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Jason Treu – Executive Coach

Listen to the podcast here: Jason is an executive coach focusing on maximizing your leadership potential and performance. His inside­ out process helps identify and dissolve your hidden blind spots so you can make rapid behavioral changes. He’s the best selling author of Social Wealth, how­ to­guide on building extraordinary business relationships. He’s a featured speaker at TEDxWilmington 2017, where he shares a game­changing team building game he created. Finally, he hosts the podcast show, …

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Kim Kiyosaki on Being an Entrepreneur

Listen to the podcast here: Kim Kiyosaki is an internationally-renowned speaker, author (Rich Woman, Good Deal Bad Deal), entrepreneur, real estate investor, radio show host, and the founder of Rich Woman. This is not just the Kim Kiyosaki Bio, it’s an inspirational message for women everywhere to get a financial eduction and make their dreams a reality! When Kim (Meyer) Kiyosaki left her home in Oregon and boldly moved to Hawaii to attend college, she …

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Gordon Van Wechel Shares Online Marketing Innovations for Business

Listen to the podcast here:   Gordon Van Wechel joins me to talk about some late innovations for business marketing online. He’s the founder of The Alchemy Consulting Group in 2003. Build and sold three previous companies. Author of six books. Has worked with several international NGO’s developing micro-business programs in Central Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. thealchemyconsultinggroup.com