Does Your Small Business Make an Effort at Being Mobile?

In running a small business, you are essentially the owner and probably a dozen other titles. With that in mind, where is your marketing game at, specifically when it comes to mobile marketing? In the event mobile marketing has not been a cornerstone in your small business over the recent years, are you ready to … Read more

5 Tips for Better Small Business Sales

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Are You Utilizing Your Blog?

Many small businesses tend to fight an uphill battle when it comes to competing with companies noticeably larger than them. For one, the former typically do not have the manpower necessary for such competition. Another factor going against them is that they usually are on a tighter leash when it comes to their spending budgets … Read more

Social Media Should Be a Valued Part of Your Business

Smaller businesses oftentimes find themselves in a bit of a pinch. Why is that? In many cases, they do not have the sizable marketing and advertising budgets to allow them multiple exposure opportunities in front of countless customers. While your small business may feel this way, take note that there are myriad of means by … Read more

Is Your Small Business Getting Enough Attention?

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Don’t Bypass Digital Marketing for Your Business

Finding the right marketing strategy can catapult your small business onto a pathway of lasting success, and missing a great marketing opportunity could have a lasting negative impact on your company. That means that you don’t want to miss out on an important, affordable opportunity to reach your most likely potential customers. As the following … Read more

Zero-in on Social Media Marketing for Better Business

According to a recent study conducted by LinkedIn, 94% of businesses use social media to market their business. Of those, 75% report that they’ve successfully gained new customers through social media outlets. With such impressive statistics, it’s impossible to ignore social media marketing for your small business concerns. To zero-in on social media marketing for … Read more

Is Your Social Game Costing You Customers?

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Engaging with Your Readers is Good Business

There’s much more to mobile marketing when you run a small business than setting up a Facebook page. You’ve got to not only grow your followers and readers, but you also need to engage with them. People like social media for the activity it gives them; they feel connected. Mobile marketing and social media are … Read more