GrowYourPodcast is our unique, integrated internet radio and mobile app platform that helps you grow your podcast audience and subscriber base, build your email list, and directly sell products and services to them.  Our stations are generating more than 45,000 listeners monthly, and growing. Starts from $97/month.

The Collective Power of Multiple Podcasters.

GrowYourPodcast  leverages power in numbers by featuring multiple podcasters who are targeting a similar listener profile and collectively promoting content, products and services to them.

Join one of our GrowYourPodcast radio stations and gain exposure to the 170 million internet radio listeners worldwide.  As a featured show host, you'll be streaming your select library of episodes 24-7-365.

With our exclusive mobile APP you'll add more contacts to your email list and more subscribers on iTunes. Contact us to join today.


Join a GrowYourPodcast Station | The Details:

  1. Fill out the Membership Inquiry Form. We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your Membership and get you approved to join the line up on one of our niche targeted internet radio stations.
  2. Membership starts at just $97 per month - no long term contract is required.
  3. Provide up to 20 selected episodes for rotational play on the internet radio station
  4. We create a shared DropBox folder for transferring the podcast episodes
  5. Each month you will recieve a Radio Station Listener Report
  6. Create (1) promo announcement that is played between shows