Your Podcast is Reaching Less Than 50% of Your Potential Listening Audience.

That’s because there are two kinds of consumers of internet audio: the Lean-forward listener and the Lean-back listener. The Lean-forward listener is the familiar podcast “consumer”.  This is where most podcasters focus their distribution. Lean-forward listeners know what they want and they pro-actively pursue that content. They subscribe to RSS feeds, they browse iTunes, they … Read more

Author Maxine Swisa Reminds us to BREATHE

Our guest on this segment is an educator, facilitator, and author with a Fortune 1000 background. For more than 30 years, Maxine Swisa has been directly implementing educational instruction, curriculum development, and training worldwide. Her passion is to enhance the communication skills of everyone she touches to facilitate greater collaboration and understanding. Maxine has just … Read more

Darryl Warren: Leadership Training from Crestcom International

Our guest on this segment is is owner of D. Gene Alliance, a business solutions company which owns the Indiana license of Crestcom International. They are a global leadership development organization established in 1987. Darryl Warren began his 33 year plus career at Olin Chemical in Industrial Relations including work in Sales & Marketing Darryl … Read more

Make Better Money Decisions with Kate Stalter

Kate Stalter is a licensed investment advisor representative, and the founder of Better Money Decisions, a fee-only investment advisory firm with offices in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Scottsdale. She is an investment columnist for Forbes, US News & World Report, and Seeking Alpha, and host of the America Talks Money financial podcast. She previously … Read more

Ronald Recardo: A Catalyst for Growth Strategies–ronald-recardo.mp3 Our guest on this segment  is the  Managing Partner of The Catalyst Consulting Group, LLC – an advisory firm that helps companies grow, improve their performance, and address their HR/organizational issues.  Ronald Recardo has more thirty years of experience as both a corporate executive working with over 140 global clients in the manufacturing, high … Read more

Damion Lupo helps us understand our relationship to money and transform our lives.–damion-lupo.mp3   Damion Lupo joins host David Wolf to share his insights about our relationship to our money and how he transforms people’s lives. Damion Lupo Rebuilt his wealth in 24 months. Today he runs an Austin based FinTech dedicated to Disrupting Wall Street by getting people off the Wall Street Roller Coaster creating a … Read more